Fountain Of Youth Promo

Come Join The Gym!

30% discount for seniors* on memberships of 12 months

*Senior: 55 years and up

30% discount for seniors on a  memberships of 12 months

(252$+txs per membership)

  • Promo From March 1st to March 31st

  • Free open swim hours

  • Free base program

  • CDS membership: Annual membership card (19.50$+txs) is mandatory

  • Free access to the group classes

  • 5 passes to bring a friend

Sablon-Fit Trainers

Personal trainings allow you to reach your goals safely.

The trainer offers you a detailed program according to:

  • your goals

  • your limitations

  • your health condition

Learn more about the training programs

Group Class Schedule

(January 5th to March 21st)

Class Day Room Time
Cardio TRX (Beginner) Monday Sablon-Fit 10h00
Cardio TRX (Advanced) Monday Sablon-Fit 11h00
Aquaforme (only members) Monday Pool 12h15
Bootcamp Circuit Monday Gymnasium 19h00
Cardio TRX I Tuesday Sablon-Fit 18h00
Cardio TRX II Tuesday Sablon-Fit 19h00
Mobility Wednesday Aerobics Room 10h00
*NEW Pound Wednesday Aerobics Room 11h00
Cardio Blast Wednesday Sablon-Fit 19h00
Boxe Thursday Sablon-Fit 19h00
Strenght Basix Friday Aerobics Room 11h30
AquaFit (Members only) Friday Pool 13h00
CrossTraining Saturday Sablon-Fit 10h00