Sablon Fit

Telephone : (450) 688-8961 ext. 234


  • Respect the rules of hygiene of Public Health
  • Towels – Sneakers – Water bottle (MANDATORY), *Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the Sablon-Fit
  • Clean the machines before and after each use
  • If you feel sick, don’t come to the Centre! *

*We reserve the right to deny access to all those who do not have their sports equipment.

Along with your annual membership

  • Access to the Sablon FIT training room
  • Access to the open swim hours
  • 30 minutes consultation with a trainer
  • No hidden fees
  • Accessible for people with reduced mobility


Discounts on Sablon-Fit 

1 Day Access

  • Access to the Sablon FIT & Functional training room
  • Access to Sauna

Sablon-Fit (12 month)

  • Free 30 minutes Consultation with a trainer
  • Access to Free Swim hours
  • Access to Sauna


  • Access to Sablon FIT & Functional training room
  • Access to Free swim hours
  • Access to Sauna

55 years +


Student card required

Reduced Mobility*

*Evaluation required


Leina Flores – Assistant Coordinator, Certified Trainer

Alexy – Welcome Staff

Isabel Herrera – Certified Trainer

Hooma Sheikh – Certified Trainer

Erika Talatinian – Kinesiologist

Daniela Presta – Certified Trainer

Taushia Siddique – Certified Trainer