Annual Reports


The name is known and appreciated. It has been around for over 25 years. Its first vocation, that of the Jewish Y, solidly positioned it as the community center in the borough of Chomedey in the city of Laval. Its original mission will have anchored it as a meeting place for multicultural communities.

Later, when the city of Laval bought the building and appointed La Corporation du Center du Sablon to manage its destinies, the center retained its status as a host place for the Chomedey ethnic community. The multiethnic belonging is illustrated by a very colorful division of our clientele. In fact 38 000 residents of various ethnic origins, 45 000 French speakers, 7 000 English speakers represent the linguistic portrait of our territory.

The Center du Sablon continues its mission to serve the local and regional population by offering leisure activities of a sporting, aquatic, community, and cultural nature. In addition, we take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to create events that promote the development of the social fabric by allowing users, visitors, employees, and volunteers appreciate each other.

Our Mandate

Our actions further aim to attain our mission:

  • engaged and passionate staff
  • competent and expert staff
  • well-structured activities and projects meeting the needs of our community.
  • a focus on the needs of our clients
  • our passion for you to discover our great Centre du Sablon

Our activities and demography

We have close to 150 000 people who use our facilities. Our customers participate in a wide range of communal, cultural, and sport related activities.