A non-profit corporation made up of members of the community


  • Duane Noel
    Duane Noel Administrator
  • Brian Tracey
    Brian Tracey President
  • Peter Papadopoulos
    Peter Papadopoulos Treasurer
  • Kosta Lampros
    Kosta Lampros Vice-president
  • Sophie Monssen
    Sophie Monssen Administrator
  • Nicolas Macrozonaris
    Nicolas Macrozonaris Administrator


  • Benoit Poulin
    Benoit Poulin Sports and Aquatic programs Director
  • Angela Faraoni
    Angela Faraoni General Manager


Telephone : 450-688-8961
Fax : 450-688-8969


  • Marianne Kassabian
    Marianne Kassabian Camp Coordinator (ext. 231) cdj@centredusablon.com
  • Ajfan Nakhala
    Ajfan Nakhala Family life coordinator (ext.226) dirviefam@centredusablon.com
  • Nasser Souka
    Nasser Souka Aquatics Assistant Coordinator (ext.225) n.souka@centredusablon.com
  • François Nguyen
    François Nguyen Sablon-Fit Assistant-Coordinator (ext.234) francois.nguyen@centredusablon.com
  • Janice Quintos
    Janice Quintos Sports Assistant-Coordinator (ext.227) sportif@centredusablon.com
  • Poste a combler
    Poste a combler Community and cultural development (ext 230) coordcom@centredusablon.com