6-8 years

Karate advanced

In this class, the student will continue to practice what he or she learned with many different techniques and new positions added. The imaginary combat (kata) becomes more and more complex. Students should be working to get their highest belt (black belt) by showing correct use of power and connection of all the body in every technique.

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M Ronald


Tuesday 17h30 – 18h25
Wednesday 18h30 - 19h25
Friday 18h30 - 19h25



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11 weeks session (january 5th – march 21st 2020)

Parents are allowed to attend the class at week 1, 5 and 10

Training becomes harder and harder and students should be able to respond quickly to any attack. Their techniques become more and more deadly and should not be used against opponents unless the student’s life is in danger which is a very rare situation. They learn to avoid being in this kind of situation. Self-confidence here is important, it is a gradual process, and should be complete at this level.