Day Camp - Winter

Day Camp – Winter

December 23rd, 26th, 27th and 30th, 2019


January 2nd and 3rd, 2020


  1. With a valid member's card: You can register for winter camp via our website (scroll down). You are required to fill a registration form and email it to
  2. Without a valid member's card: Present yourself at the our center to create a file or renew your membership. Then, you can register in person, online, or by filling the registration form and preauthorized payment form. Then, send it to


Indoor swimming

Arts & Crafts


Indoor and outdoor games



Maple syrup taffy

Snow shoeing

And many more surprises!


*Groups are subject to change based on registration.

Group 1:  5-7 yrs old
Group 2: 8-9 yrs old
Group 3: 10-12 yrs old

Please note: Winter Day Camp is not available for children with special needs.

Online registration




7h - 18h


(Extended Day services included)

Additional information

For any additional questions, you can contact the Camp Coordinator at or (450) 688-8961 ext. 231.

Arrival: As of 7h00
Please check the list posted in the lobby in order to find the location of the group.

Departure: Before 18h00
Campers can be picked up in their respective rooms before 16h00. After 16h00, campers will be in Extended Day. Authorized individuals can pick up the campers. Staff will ask you for identification. Please have identification on you at all times.

Morning Extended Day : 7h00 to 8h45
Please place your child’s belongings in their respective rooms before bringing the child to the extended day room.

Evening Extended Day : 16h15 to 18h00
Please make sure all your child’s belongings are in your possession. Only authorized individuals will be able to pick up children (Authorization list on registration form). Please bring a piece of identification with you as you might be asked by the counsellors.


Please bring:

  • A reusable water bottle
  • Two nut-free healthy snacks (morning and afternoon)
  • A nut-free lunch
  • Snow pants, hat, scarf, gloves, and boots
  • Running shoes
  • Spare clothes, including socks
  • Bathing suit, towel, flip-flops, and a bathing cap (mandatory)
  • Comfortable clothing. Your child will be physically active all day.


  • All parents will be notified in case of camp closures.
  • It is important to write your child’s name on all their belongings in order to avoid lost items.
  • Cellphones, gaming consoles, and any other electronics are strictly forbidden at camp.
  • All groups are supervised by bilingual senior counsellors.
  • After outdoor activities, hot chocolate might be distributed to the campers. Please advise the counsellors if you do not want your child to receive any hot chocolate or if your child has any allergies or intolerances.

Centre du Sablon reserves the right to ask campers not to return to camp. All campers must respect the rules of the camp and its groups. Disrespectful or disruptive behaviour, coarse or offensive language, violence, and intimidation will not be tolerated.


Cancellations : Full reimbursement, minus the $15 administration fee per day, may be granted if a written request is received by December 19th. After this date, refunds will not be considered unless a medical certificate is provided. If a reimbursement has been approved, the $15 per day of registration will be deducted. Absence from Camp does not constitute a withdrawal from the program. Cancellations or changes will not be accepted over the phone; you must email a written request in order for your request to be processed. No modifications will be accepted once camp starts. Refunds are applicable for camp closures.