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Red Zone Alert

Following Government announcements, the CDS team is very sad to announce the closure of its Sablon-Fit training room and the suspension of certain sports and leisure activities for an undetermined period.

Sablon-Fit memberships are therefore suspended, and new extensions will be applied for members.

Following an evaluation of the directives, here is the list of activities suspended until for an undetermined period:

Aquatic Department:

  • Red Cross Course
  • Aquafitness
  • Aquababy
  • Private and semi-private courses
  • Open swim

Sports Department:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Basketball leagues
  • Aikido
  • Yoga
  • Adapted Sports (Special Needs)
  • Open basketball
  • Open volleyball

Sablon-Fit :

  • Individual training
  • Group Courses
  • Private Training Sessions

Community Department :

  • Ballet
  • Hip Hop

Activities maintained unless otherwise indicated by Public Health:

  • Pickelball (free practice in dyad only, with reservation) – suspended
  • Educational Preschool
  • Social Skills (Special Needs educational services)
  • Private Piano Lessons (By videoconference)
  • English courses (By videoconference)
  • Lifeguarding Course (as of February 2021)

** The end of the Fall 2020 session is postponed to the 2021 Winter session (date to be determined by Public Health):

With the multiple announcements from the Provincial Government and the General Directorate of Public Health (DGSP) regarding the resumption of sports and leisure activities, we have taken the decision to transfer all the activities that were not completed during the FALL-2020 session to the WINTER 2021 session. This implies that the schedule and period you had chosen for the FALL session will be maintained for the WINTER session for 11 weeks (number of weeks remaining in the FALL session when the center closed on October 8).

As of today, we do not know when exactly we will be able to resume our activities, but be advised that as soon as it will be possible for us to do so, according to government announcements, you will have a place reserved and registered, similar in every way to the place you purchased for the Fall session. Your registration for the Winter session is automatic and free of charge, since a transfer has been made in your file regarding your registration from Fall to Winter for the equivalent number of weeks (11 weeks).

For Annual membership cards, or gym memberships, an extension will be added to your file corresponding to the weeks /months lost during this second wave of the pandemic.

We strongly recommend that you keep your current registration in order not to lose your place (no additional fees), as the number of places is limited due to public health restrictions.

This will allow you to continue your activities in the weeks following the reopening. Rest assured that all remaining sessions will be resumed until further notice.

If for any reason you are unavailable for a resumption of activities in the Winter session, you must inform us directly by email or by phone as soon as possible before the start of the Winter 2021 session, as you will be notified by email and on all our social media.

We rely on all of our members to stay healthy and safe, and to continue to follow the guidelines to protect you and the community. Together, we will get through it!


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